Welcome to Speedie Consulting! Established in 2003, we are experts in the field of partnership marketing. Our core focus revolves around five essential elements: affiliate marketing, referral marketing, loyalty marketing, cobranding, and white labelling.

At Speedie Consulting, we harness the power of over 60 years’ worth of combined marketing experience to deliver online marketing solutions.

Our range of services includes:

We pride ourselves on valuing each and every client, regardless of their size or industry. Our worldwide clientele ranges from one-person operations and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to renowned household names, including Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

Partner with Speedie Consulting today and unlock the full potential of partnership marketing for your business. Together, we’ll drive growth, increase brand visibility, and forge long-lasting connections in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

About the Founders

Jason Hulott

Jason has worked in the digital media industry since 1999 when he joined the UK’s first personal finance web aggregator in 1999 as a Content and Partnership manager.

Previously, from 1996, he worked in the finance sector as a business development manager and partnership manager.

In 2003 he co-founded digital marketing business, Speedie Consultants Limited. His expertise and knowledge has helped clients in the Finance, Insurance, Blockchain, Fintech and Automotive sectors, large and small.

He has worked with known household brands such as Moneysupermarket, Protect Your Bubble and Confused as well as helping start-ups go from an idea through to website design, business development and the creation of affiliate partnerships.

With over 25 years’ experience within both the Internet and finance industries, Jason is well known and well connected.

Stella Hulott

Stella brings nearly 40 years’ experience writing within the finance, insurance, property and automotive industries to Speedie Consultants and has been a PR and Copywriting specialist both online since 1999 and offline since 1981.

She has worked both in marketing and product servicing roles within the personal finance and insurance industries. This gives her the edge when writing about these industries, as she has a thorough understanding of product features, benefits and exclusions, so she can write in a knowledgeable, compliant way.

Before co-founding Speedie Consultants Limited in 2003, she worked for Liverpool Victoria, Pearl Assurance, the Woolwich and the Foresters, plus online aggregator Moneynet.

Stella has ghost written for many major UK Finance and Insurance websites such as Confused.com, TescoCompare.com, GoCompare.com, parts of the Towergate Partnership, British Insurance, Enhanced Wealth, Burgesses and Protection Insurance.

She has headed up both staff and customer magazines and has run many successful PR campaigns that have attracted the attention of national newspapers as well as TV and radio.