Cobranding is where two or more brands work together to leverage each others’ audience, immediately extending their reach

Also known as a brand partnership, co-branding is a marketing strategy in which two or more businesses join together to create a new product or service, under each partners brand.

Why is co-branding so important?

Co-branding is an important marketing strategy. It enables businesses to work together to create something new and exciting for their individual customer bases. Costs are shared and reach is widened.

Key benefits of co-branding

pooled resources - such as expertise, funding and technology – can create a better product

enhanced awareness with shared marketing

increased customer base

establish credibility - reputable brands can piggy-back off each others’ reputation to build trust for the new product

potentially quick way to get increase the lifetime value of a customer by offering co-branded products

Considering a cobranding programme?

Getting co-branding right

Co-branding can be a great option for companies looking to increase revenue by working with like-branded companies that target similar audiences. This can be a great way to increase revenues for both parties while at the same time increase both companies’ brand equity by perceived alignment. Co-branding could also be a small brand working with a large one to help the larger company generate revenues, provide access to a potential product gap in their product portfolio, and give the small brand an increase in revenue and brand awareness.


0-100,000 applications

With an affiliate programme as a part of a finance lender’s digital strategy, we grew a business from 0-100,000 applications in 12 months.

£1m in revenue

Helped take a client’s niche insurance programme to £1m in revenue in 3 years.

80% Leads

Launched a lead generation business that delivered 80% of the leads it generated via a multi-affiliate network strategy.

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