How to find affiliates

So just having an affiliate programme isn’t enough, especially if you’re running your programme off your own website – so totally inhouse. You need affiliates! Affiliates are going to be the lifeblood of everything that you do within your programme and will make your programme successful. Here are some ideas on where to look for […]

5 Ways To Find Affiliates

So where do you find them? Here are a few idea to get your started. 1. Google Type in searches around your product or service and look at the first page or first two pages of results for each term. Look for blogs, info sites, comparison tables and the like. These guys will be more […]

Types of Affiliates

Affiliates are not the same. Here is a look at the different types of affiliates, that will hopefully give you some idea on the types of offers and creative resources you will need to be able to offer.  These will also help you understand what functionality your site requires to be able to cater for […]