Add affiliate offers without detracting from your main proposition

10 Places To Add Affiliate offers

I want to share some places you can add affiliate offers to boost your revenue from current site traffic and existing customers without turning your site into a pound shop.

Here are some places to add ethical and relevant product offers. Now you might not have all of these but you will be able to add some of them to give yourself a better chance of generating income.

  1. Client onboarding email – when you first take on a new client do you send them a welcome email? This can be a great place to make suggestions about products and services they might find useful with their training.
  2. FAQs Page. Your frequently asked questions page must include questions about diet, supplements, equipment. These could be links out to affiliate offers.
  3. Newsletter – as well as onboarding emails, do you send out a monthly or weekly newsletter. You can add an offer in here.
  4. Enquiry form confirmation pages – again at the point of enquiry or booking you could be making recommendations of products or services to use.
  5. Blog posts – you could write a blog post talking about products or a specific product. It could be an expanded article on recommended protein powders.
  6. Big content – write big guides on a particular product. The ultimate guide to protein or the best supplement regime to help boost your T levels. It has to relate to your audience.
  7. Video – how about recording a video product review and adding to YouTube and other native video channels.
  8. Lead magnets – if you are using lead magnets why not add affiliate offers in them so even your sign ups can be making you money, even if they are not customers.
  9. Resources page – maybe you have a page or pages of useful resources. On these pages you can share all kinds of relevant products and services.
  10. Member area – you can also build out a member area on your site. You can add offers, discount codes and the like to not only create revenue options but help build existing client loyalty. There are some really easy to use plugins to run this kind of thing.


These are just few ways to boost revenue by sprinkling affiliate offers on your website and in your online processes.

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