Does your affiliate programme need a makeover?

There are a huge number of affiliate programmes out there covering a vast array of products and services. Making sure your programme stands out and attracts the quality of affiliates you require can go a long way to ensure your programme is a success from day one. And to let you in on a little […]

Affiliate marketing for B2B commercial insurance

The insurance industry has embraced the affiliate industry with open arms for personal lines products as it is easier to work with affiliates on a cost per sale basis. There are a large number of niche and general insurance products being sold by a large number of affiliates. The area that is still very much […]

How to find affiliates

So just having an affiliate programme isn’t enough, especially if you’re running your programme off your own website – so totally inhouse. You need affiliates! Affiliates are going to be the lifeblood of everything that you do within your programme and will make your programme successful. Here are some ideas on where to look for […]

Drive your own affiliate leads

Introduction If you are using WordPress to power your website did you know you can use two plugins to effectively manage your own lead generation affiliate programme? You may want to drive PT consulting leads or class signups.  It maybe you don’t have an online process for signups and taking payments but that doesn’t stop […]

10 Places To Add Affiliate offers

I want to share some places you can add affiliate offers to boost your revenue from current site traffic and existing customers without turning your site into a pound shop. Here are some places to add ethical and relevant product offers. Now you might not have all of these but you will be able to […]

Paper Based Local Affiliate Marketing

One thing affiliate marketing is really good for is local sales generation. Sadly most people miss out on this as Combining affiliate marketing and referral marketing techniques, you can easily add more revenue to your business. You can use in store / shop / office to drive more sales and revenue. Here are just two […]

5 Ways To Find Affiliates

So where do you find them? Here are a few idea to get your started. 1. Google Type in searches around your product or service and look at the first page or first two pages of results for each term. Look for blogs, info sites, comparison tables and the like. These guys will be more […]

Types of Affiliates

Affiliates are not the same. Here is a look at the different types of affiliates, that will hopefully give you some idea on the types of offers and creative resources you will need to be able to offer.  These will also help you understand what functionality your site requires to be able to cater for […]

6 ways to promote affiliate offers to your customer base

I wanted to give you a number of different ideas and methodologies to promote affiliate offers. Some of these will take time and some of these can be quickly bolted on to your existing processes. Here are a range of options to help you promote affiliate products. We have seen a massive increase in the […]

Promoting time limited or number limited offers via affiliate marketing

I have been seeing lots of businesses embrace affiliate and referral programmes – which is a great thing, but it has caused to me to revisit some of the advice out there as I have recently seen a large number of limited time offerings (opening and closing memberships) or limited number products (such as masterminds […]