Using Affiliate and Referral Marketing Offline

Paper Based Local Affiliate Marketing

One thing affiliate marketing is really good for is local sales generation.

Sadly most people miss out on this as

  • they just don’t see it;
  • they think it is door dropping;
  • they don’t know where to start.

Combining affiliate marketing and referral marketing techniques, you can easily add more revenue to your business.

You can use in store / shop / office to drive more sales and revenue.

Here are just two examples…

Add more sales

For this example we will use affiliate marketing methods to increase sales of your own products.

Why not have at POS (Point of Sale) referral cards or have referral cards already added to your bags to give to customer after they have made a purchase.

Referral cards are a huge thing in the US, and we don’t seem to see them over here but you are missing a huge trick to grow your customer base.

They can be discounts or free offers for both the referrer and the referee.  You can simply use a service such as Vistaprint to make postcards or business sized referral cards.  You can add your own details and codes to them so you can easily see what cards are working and which ones aren’t.

Add more revenue

For this example we will use affiliate marketing methods to increase revenue from promoting other peoples products.

Ever thought about having a customer printed newsletter or loyalty club.  These don’t have to be your own offers either.  You can sign up to other peoples programmes  (Directly or via an affiliate network) and where there is relevance to promote, then promote them.  Think about your current clients and think about what else they need.  Then offer it to them.

With tools such as and  you can create easy to remember urls to drive people from your shop to your website and your loyalty programme.

By referring clients into other peoples non competitive but related products, you can drive more sales and earn more revenue.

You can then even develop this into a section of your website or via a monthly loyalty programme monthly email.

These are just two simple way to use affiliate strategies to make more money for your business.


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