7 ways to ensure your limited time programmes work

Promoting time limited or number limited offers via affiliate marketing

I have been seeing lots of businesses embrace affiliate and referral programmes – which is a great thing, but it has caused to me to revisit some of the advice out there as I have recently seen a large number of limited time offerings (opening and closing memberships) or limited number products (such as masterminds etc).

These are a slightly different animal for affiliates to promote.  Not impossible to promote but you need to think slightly differently and provide different resources.  Here are a few ideas and advice to get you going in the right way and make your programme a success.

Affiliates will need time

Affiliates will need time to send out your promotions and build some momentum.  I would suggest a minimum of 3 weeks work time before opening your product.  Don’t tell me on a Monday to promote something that closes on the Friday. I ain’t playing that game.

Choose affiliates carefully

For limited space offers – choose affiliates carefully and slowly.  Build up over time.  If you only have to fill 10 spaces, having 300 affiliates will be overkill – and annoy a lot of affiliates that drive traffic for you to not be able to fulfil.    This is why it helps to have some lead in time.

Communicate with affiliates

Make sure you keep affiliates up to date with spaces left.  If you only have 1 spot left, let affiliates know.  Like above, no-one, including you, wants to see people putting in lots of effort for no reward.  That will come back to bite you in the ass next time around.

Provide creatives

For time sensitive offers, make sure you give affiliates social posts, emails, and the other things they need to promote you.  The more you can give them, the quicker they can share stuff and the faster you hopefully fill your spaces.

I find social media and email are the best ways to market limited time products and services. 

Provide instructions

Not everyone knows how to market or write ads.  Or even find their affiliate link.  Provide as much step by step instruction as possible.  A PDF Checklist is the easiest thing to give affiliates

Tell people when to stop sharing

Don’t assume affiliates will know the offer is over.  They will possibly keep sending people your way.  Don’t you just hate it when you see an ad, go to buy and you can’t as the thing is finished. This reflects badly on you and the affiliate.  Make sure you keep in touch.

Remember the do-ers

If this first time doing this – make a note of the affiliates that drive you traffic and sales – i.e. those that did something when you asked?  They will be you go to affiliates next time.  Having a list of active future affiliates will help with any subsequent launches. 


Hopefully this will give you enough knowledge to kickstart your programmes in the right way.  Evergreen affiliate offers are much easier for affiliates to promote as they can pretty much set and forget. I hope these 7 steps have given you some ideas to maximise the effectiveness of your programmes.  They will work well but you can’t simply use traditional affiliate strategies that are mainly used for evergreen products.

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